Website suspended

The website or the account it is running on has been suspended.

Why did this happen?

It could be, that this website violated our terms of service or our content guildelines or was just on an inactive account. In case you are the owner of this site and have no idea how this happened, you can write a ticket here.

That would be all a normal error page would show you, but we have prepared the best features of 3001 Host instead.

Free forever

Because nobody likes to pay if you can have it without paying a cent.


We use the DirectAdmin control panel for ultimate control on your end.


There are tons of apps and services integrateble with ours.


We provide everyone on our platform with free SSL encryption by Let's Encrypt.

MySQL and PostgreSQL

To make sure everyone finds something supported.

Free subdomain

A short and free subdomain is included for testing.


We provide you with a free mail server too, to allow easy contact.


Using our server structure to provide websites faster and faster.


Tired of setting up scripts?
Our Autoinstaller does it for you!

In the cloud

Use our service from every device with a browser.

Large upload limits

No need to upload your file in pieces.
We can take up to 500 MB at once.

Need help?

No need to worry.
Our support team is there for you.

...and so much more

But why not check it out by yourself?